Thank you for visiting HOSTEL JIN's official homepage.
Due to the recent Corona virus pandemic, we are preparing to restrict / modify the accommodation and service / contents as the following guidance in order to prevent the virus from spreading / infecting the guests and staffs.

  • Restriction of the ground floor & 1st floor for the guests' use - Partly / Fully closed.
  • Upgrade / change the rooms of the reservation that are already made, or cancellation of it.
  • Controlling availability of the offered rooms for upcoming days.

We have contacted the guests who have made reservation of HOSTEL JIN and discussed room upgrade / cancellation.
We regret to inform this and apologise for inconvenience, however, we are appreciated to the guests and cooperation.



Thanks for visiting HOSTEL JIN website.
We regret to inform you that our check in policy will change as of 1st January 2020.


  1. The new policy will be applied to all the bookings as of 1st January 2020.
  2. Check in will be accepted until 22:00, once it changes on the date written above.
  3. NO CHECK IN is acceptable after 22:00 for any reason. (Except pre-paid guests)
    The guests made online payment in advance will receive self check in info so they could check in late.
    The guest that pays on site will have no chance to check in later than 22:00.

We are sorry for inconvenience and appreciated for your understanding.