Thank you for visiting HOSTEL JIN's official homepage.
Due to the recent Corona virus pandemic, we are preparing to restrict / modify the accommodation and service / contents as the following guidance in order to prevent the virus from spreading / infecting the guests and staffs.

  • Restriction of the ground floor & 1st floor for the guests' use - Partly / Fully closed.
  • Upgrade / change the rooms of the reservation that are already made, or cancellation of it.
  • Controlling availability of the offered rooms for upcoming days.

We have contacted the guests who have made reservation of HOSTEL JIN and discussed room upgrade / cancellation.
We regret to inform this and apologise for inconvenience, however, we are appreciated to the guests and cooperation.



Thanks for visiting HOSTEL JIN Official Website.
We would like to introduce our renewed special offer to the guest made a reservation via the official site.


  1. CONSECUTIVE STAY DISCOUNT – The more nights you stay in a row, the more discount you win
  2. FREE BREAKFAST – Free breakfast service every morning, just for booking made via the official site as of 1st Oct.


We will change the price of rooms due to TAX increase as of 1st Oct.
However, just for those who book a room for 1 Night.

If you stay with us for 2 Nights or over… Special discount will be offered.
(for the guests made a booking via our official web site!!)

The guests will win 5 – 20% OFF based on number of nights.
Check your price of stay in ROOMS page by selecting the room type and number of nights.


We regret to announce that FREE Breakfast service and FREE Drink Coupon Giveaway will end on 1st Oct due to tax increase.

However, we still offer FREE Breakfast to the guests made a reservation via HOSTEL JIN official site!!
(We currently do not plan on offering the service to anyone except the guests made a direct booking)

E.g ; The stay of 2 nights or more in the official site will win DISCOUNT, FREE Breakfast every morning and FREE Welcome Drink.


HOSTEL JIN has Direct access from KIX (Kansai Airport) for 1h , the best access to Osaka city, USJ, Osaka dorm.
Nice location to visit other cities , such as Kyoto / Kobe / Nara etc.
Clean Rooms , Cheap Prive , The Best Customer Service which has won awards of travel websites.

Long stay at HOSTEL JIN offers many benefits of traveling to Osaka/Kyoto, Japan!
PLEASE come back to HOSTEL JIN via our official site again, if you like our best hostel in Osaka!